Saturday, January 23, 2016

10 Fun ways to Repurpose Grandma's Doilies

I remember a time when doilies were "da bomb", every house I entered had one gracing the top of most, if not all, pieces of furniture within the home.  I love doilies but come on now, we can do better than that!  Lets take a look at some fabulous, updated ways to use those doilies and give them a fresh, new look.  Here's ten of my favorites:

Who doesn't have a piece of china that's chipped, missing a lid, etc. but can't seem to part with it?  I know I do.  This is a fabulous way to showcase a doily and have a great pincushion to boot.
From Vintage with Laces
What about adding some pizzazz to a tablecloth.  Take it a step further and think about window treatments, a cute valance or trimwork for floor length panels.  How about a bed skirt or adding them as decor to an otherwise simple quilt or bedspread.  Oh, the possibilities.
Found at
I really love this table runner as well, more along the lines of traditional usage but in an updated way.  Beautiful.
 Found at WHITEStardust on Etsy

This is a great garland.  Such a cute idea.
 Found at DaisiesBlueShop on Etsy.
Love the idea of using them as a stencil.  Think of how easily you could transform a furniture piece.  Then use the doily for something else.  Double the fun!
found at Glimmer and Grit.  What a great idea.
Add them to a pillow.  What a cute idea.  So many opportunities here to design one-of-a-kind throw pillows for your home.  Gorgeous!
This is fabulous.  The designs reflected onto the wall are just beautiful.  Again the possibilities are endless.  So much fun.
from DIY for Teens
Wow, now that's an accent wall!
 from and Pinterest, of course.  
Talk about stunning.  Do a search for doily crafts on Pinterest and you'll be amazed at all the fashion up-do's using doilies.  This dress is just beautiful!
This is from Pinterest and links to a dress shop,  
What a great display.  You could change the background paper to any color you wanted, as well as the framing to fit the style of your decor.  Perfect!
from Dishfunctional Designs
Makes me want to go out and buy a ton of doilies, how about you?  Do you have a favorite?

Does anyone out there crochet?  I just learned a couple months ago and am really interested in putting together a "club" that meets locally so we can learn from one another and spend some time working on our projects with like minded individuals.  Anyone interested?  Let me know.....

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