Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Adorable Little Journal Book with A Sewn Pocket Protector

My mother visited this week and we snuck away a couple times to visit other Antique Malls in the area.  We had way too much fun and I found all kinds of great stuff.

One of my favorite finds is this wonderful little journal with a hand sewn and embellished book holder.  I thought mom and I might have a fight over this one (right in the middle of an aisle at the Antique Mall) but she graciously conceded to let me buy it.  We will both be trying to figure out how the binding works and making a few of these. 

It is just adorable!

There are ten little signatures in the book with four pieces of plain paper and one smaller decorative layer.  I know nothing about the way this little book is bound but I am completed enamored with it.  It looks like a crochet stitch.  I am determined to figure this out and make my own version.  What a treasure!

Never would I have thought to use a rubber stamp for the cover.  This is the back and the front seems to be a plain piece of rubber stamp material that's been decorated with other materials.

Look at how beautiful that is!  Anybody know what type of stitch this is?  How to do it?  I really want to figure this binding out.  Just gorgeous.

Friday, November 25, 2016

11 Christmas Gift Ideas You Can Make Yourself

Earlier this week a customer purchased a variety of items and mentioned that she was going to be making all her Christmas gifts this year.  My mind immediately ran with it and began thinking of the many different ideas using items from the shop.  Here's just a sampling of the cute things I've found that could be turned into adorable, personalized Christmas gifts this season.

So many great ideas for things to do with windows.
The Idea Room
Repurposed Window Ideas

How about framing a doily.  So many to choose from and just as much variety in how you frame and display them.  For more variety and interesting ways to repurpose doilies check out 10 Fun Ways to Repurpose Grandmas Doilies

These adorable snowmen made from staircase balusters, how cute are they?

 Sleds could be decorated up for holiday décor in a variety of cute ways.

Now what about Mason Jars, so many things to do and lots of jars to choose from.

A blog Full of Mason Jar Crafts.... wow!

Shutters, add a wreath and a great bow and you've got an easy, quick transformation for holiday décor.... and a great gift.  Build a book shelf, add a shelf and hooks for a cute coat rack.  So many ideas!
15 shutter repurpose ideas

 Buttons, buttons and more buttons.  So many possibilities for wonderful gifts made with buttons.
Button Craft Ideas
 As soon as I saw these I couldn't help but think.... "light fixture".  Wouldn't that make a fabulous standing lamp or hanging light fixture?

Another item you see all the time at your local antique mall is glass insulators.  There are so many cute things you can do with them.  Makes for really cute, unique gift ideas.
30 creative ways to use glass insulators

I love these spools, use them for a pendant on a necklace or turn them into a garland or banner for your fireplace. 

Now you know you've always wanted to buy a box of rusty bed springs!  What an adorable wreath.  Do a quick Pinterest search and you'll find many more adorable rusty spring ideas.

I am so inspired to get creative and make a few of the gifts I'll be giving this year.  High hopes, now we'll just see how productive I'll be.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Come Learn & Play With Us!

We've been open for two weeks today, its been an amazing couple weeks.  Booth spaces are now full, all I've got left is case space.  Unbelievable!

Now, its time to start putting a class schedule together.  So exciting.

Here's what we've got scheduled so far:

Monday Fun Day's for December
1st Monday, December 5th.....  Free Bow-Making Class

Drop in between 6:30 and 8:30 to learn an easy bow making technique.  Bring a spool of wired ribbon along or pay $1 per bow to use our ribbon (makes a 6" bow).  All other supplies will be provided.          

3rd Monday, December 19th.......  Paper Arts

Drop in between 5:00 and 10:00 for a night of creativity and artistic expression.  Bring your supplies and get some quality time to work on your craft with others who enjoy the same.  Learn a variety of new techniques and get inspired watching the many projects going on around you.

Tuesday, January 10th @7pm                              Tuesday, January 17th @7pm       
Abstract Floral Painting Class                              Jewelry Making Class

Thursday, January 19th @7pm                                                    Thursday, January 26th @7pm
Journal Making Class                                                                  Colorful Abstract Tree Painting Class

Stay tuned, we'll be adding more classes in the weeks to come.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Building The Chirping Frog- Part 25

Wow, just over a month and we'll be opening our doors for business.  Mark your calendars, November 1st is opening day and I've scheduled a Grand Opening for November 12th.  It is going to be one heck of a month and I'm sure I'll be running on pure adrenaline by the time we're done.  Lots and lots of things to do to make it happen.  Here's a look at this weeks progress:

The floors are being cleaned so we can get them stained and sealed.  Caleb has been working to clear out the place and is doing his first run with the floor cleaner.  It'll need to be cleaned multiple times before we can move on.  He'll also be re-cutting the joints and filling them with caulk.  

One of my little projects, this is in the classroom.  I'm bringing my inspiration board from home and putting it here.  The classroom will be a work in progress even after we open.  It'll be usable but not what I have envisioned for a while.  Since we're not planning to go full-speed ahead with the classes until the first of the year I've got some time to get it just how I want it.

I am still trying to finish up the maps in the entryway.  I have the majority of the walls covered, just some finishing around the doors left to do.

The bathrooms got prepped and ready for tile.

We bought this brick at an auction a couple years ago and I've finally found a use for it.  I really love how it looks in the bathrooms.  Today begins the cleaning process,  Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have it grouted and ready for the plumber.

We've been working after dark and will be for the remainder of the project.  We don't have permanent power yet (still another week away) but the electrician set it up so we could turn on/off the outside lighting.  It really, really helps when you can see what you're doing out there.

Still dark but can you imagine trying to dump "rock" without the lights?  That's what my husbands been doing now for a couple weeks, he's doing a great job.

I spent Saturday rolling the first layer of "rock" for the parking lot.  All week my husband is continuing to build up the parking lot and I'll be rolling again this weekend.  Hopefully it'll be done at that point and we can move on to something else.

He had great plans for the placement of the dumpster but that's not gonna work.  Not sure where its going to go now but I'm sure he'll figure something out.  Might not have worked as planned but it got this area cleaned out and we can now drive around to the back door.  That'll be helpful for move-in and for removal of large pieces of furniture so overall it's a win.

The areas between the sidewalk and the building will get planted in the spring.  I'll be lucky to get them mulched this year, its on my to-do list along with a ton of other things.  I've got it pictured in my head but it's just gonna have to wait.

Another project that needs done are the chandeliers for the entryway.  I've purchased all the supplies, now I just need to find the time to sit down and work on it.

We have come a really long way since we started this project the end of February.  Here's a look back at all the progress we've made....
  • Part 1- Clean-up
  • Part 2- Dirt Work
  • Part 3- Tons of Rock & Footings 
  • Part 4- Foundation Walls
  • Part 5- Foundation Walls Poured
  • Part 6- Forming Bathroom Walls
  • Part 7- Bathroom Walls Poured
  • Part 8- Rock, rock and more rock!
  • Part 9- Concrete Floor Pour
  • Part 10- Clean-up
  • Part 11- Framing is Underway
  • Part 12- Trusses
  • Part 13- Trusses Are Up
  • Part 14- Metal Started on Roof
  • Part 15- Roof and Concrete Wainscoting
  • Part 16- More Carved Concrete and Pine Log Entry gets installed  
  • Part 17- Concrete gets stained, doors installed and grouted, still working on getting us closed up.  
  • Part 18- Framing interior walls.
  • Part 19-Miscellaneous projects
  • Part 20- Electrical has begun.
  • Part 21- Water line trenching, plumbing is in.
  • Part 22- Lots of miscellaneous
  • Part 23- Concrete, lighting and H/C, oh my!
  • Part 24- Another concrete pour and the parking lot work has begun.
No wonder we're both so tired!

Stay tuned for information about our upcoming Grand Opening on November 12th. Planning for food, live entertainment, fun activities and door prizes.  We'll also be hosting our first ever "Flippin' Challenge", look for the application and guidelines the first of October.  Hope to see you there!   

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bathroom Update- Hip Hip Hooray, We're Done!

This post is from a bathroom remodel I worked on last summer/fall.  It seems that every time I begin a tile project I horribly underestimate the time involved.

Yesterday I started tiling the accent wall that divides the bathrooms at The Chirping Frog.  My body is already screaming at me and I'm only roughly halfway up the first wall... and its time to start climbing a ladder!  The real fun is just beginning.  It's always worth the time (and pain) once it's done but man, I'm reminded every time I tile of just how old I'm getting!

Here's a look at the before and after's from my last tile project.  I need the reminder that the end result is worth it.

Can you believe it, the bathroom is finally done.  It's really amazing how removing one little half wall has opened up the entire space.

Here's a reminder of how dark the shower was before we started our "little" project.  First order of the day was to bust out this half wall and get some light into the shower area (which required moving plumbing and a vent), but wow, what a difference it makes!


This is the best before picture of the vanity area that I have.  Wish I had thought to take a better picture.  The vanity is a whopping 84" in length.  Hugo, with a simple builder standard mirror covering the entire wall behind it.

Can you say dated?

My first order of business was to remove that mirror, then I wanted to divide up the huge expanse of counter-top with a wall cabinet (a place to hide all the junk), tile that wall and hang framed mirrors instead.  The counter-top was changed out along with the fixtures, the cabinetry got a gorgeous shade of blue paint and new knobs.  Presto, chango, what a drastic difference that made!




This is the only picture I took of the "water closet".  It had linoleum before that met up with carpeting at the doorway.  It was a bear to get out but now there's a nice smooth transition at the doorway.  I'm leaving all the decorating up to the homeowner (I'd hang a grouping of those cute sea-scape pictures you've got right on that wall, don't spread them through the room like you had them before, mass them right there for more impact pretty please, if you're planning on re-using them that is).

So, what do you think?  Was it worth the time and effort or was it fine how it was?  Favorite part?  What would you have done differently?  Would love to hear your thoughts.  Have you tackled a similar project, please share, we'd love to see your work.

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