Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sunday "Funday"

A normal Sunday around here; church in the morning, quick lunch on the way home and work all afternoon/evening on whatever projects we've got going on around here.  Last Sunday we took a quick trip to Nashville to pick up a spiral staircase my hubby found on Craigslist.  When I say quick, I mean quick!

We left the house around 6am, stopped in Clarksville for church and then on to Nashville, picked up the ladder, grabbed some lunch and back home, right about 6pm.  Exhausted!  

It's always a little nervy to meet someone at an unknown location from Craigslist, I felt much better when we pulled into the parking lot of the Nashville Ballet and hubby told me that's where we were picking up the ladder.  The front portion of this building used to be a rock climbing place and when the ballet company took over there was a spiral staircase leading up to their offices.  At first they intended on using it but decided to sale it instead, what good fortune for us.

They used a large fork to move it from here onto our trailer.  Quick and easy, a couple straps and we were on our way.  

It's going to need a little bit of revamping to work for our application, can't wait to see it go in.  That's going to be interesting, it weighs a ton, not quite sure how we're setting it yet.  Could get a little dicey but I'm sure hubby will figure something out.

Here is where the staircase is going, basically where the ladder is now.  Now to decide,  powder-coat or spray paint.  Obviously powder-coating is more expensive but no maintenance for quite a while.  I'm thinking it's worth it.  Hubby keeps asking what color, should it match the railings (silver) or leave it black?  What do you think?

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