Thursday, July 30, 2015

Our First Project of the Season- 2015 Update

When we left for vacation earlier this month, this is where our project stood:  Ready for the water dispersal system/ceiling to go up.  Believe it or not we are nearly done, it's been a long ride.

Some of the materials arrived before we left.

We've been home now for a couple days, so far my dryer broke (can't do any of our filthy laundry from the trip, it's all still in the living room), my son's car had the muffler partially fall off so hubby has been dealing with that and he's determined to get some of the metal up on the ceiling.  What do you think?  I'm in love with the look.  Still has quite a ways to go but it's coming along and looking fabulous!

Hubby constructed these great poles to help hold/wedge the metal up to the ceiling so he could attach it, there's no way I could hold it up there (or my youngest who's helping him) long enough before my arms fell off.   They work great.  So far there's three pieces up and they are working on the fourth.  This is the small section of the deck.  Can't wait to see how he manages the curved portion.

Still waiting on some of the gutters (the curved portion is being made right now).  It is very exciting.  So happy with how it's turning out.

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