Friday, July 10, 2015

Quick Bathroom Update

Here's a peek at where this project started and a quick look into yesterday's progress.  I am back today to get it grouted and continue work on the floor.  I leave on vacation in a week, it won't be completely done but all the major renovations will be complete and I'll get you some Before & After's of the whole room at that time.  

This hugo mirror and the light fixtures really date the room.  My friend (who's bathroom this is) wanted to gut the entire area.  I talked her into keeping the vanity (yes, it's 20 years old but in great shape) and she ordered new marble.  We are also changing out the lights and mirror.  For minimal cost we've made a huge difference in the space.

First, I found a small cabinet for between the sinks.  They desperately need more storage and something to break up this huge expanse of countertop and wall space.  This is perfect.

 So far its got two coats of paint, not done yet but installing it today.  The rest can get done while its in position.

 This is the marble.  I am usually not a fan but this is really gorgeous!

 We have used two mosaic tile patterns in the space.  We fell in love with the left, larger pattern but it was twice the cost.  So, we used it in the shower area and opted to use the less expensive as a backsplash.  It blends  together really nicely..

I'm ready for my first tile to be installed.

 I stopped shy of the light fixtures with a full tile.  Debating going to the ceiling, stopping here or matching the tile height of the shower.  Gotta see what the new light base looks like up there and make a decision.

Moving along.

Done for today.

Heading back over to change out light fixtures and tile another six inches or so.  I also have a toilet room that needs durock today.  Lots of progress and still tons to do.

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