Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lighting Fixes....

This is the light found in the living room..... can be bought for $6.98 at Lowe's.  Sorry Lowe's... I hate them.  They work, that's about the best thing I can say for them... I so wanted to switch them out but I chose to work with them instead.  Mainly because I found a glass lamp on clearance that I fell in love with. 

Here it is... So, for a little over $10 I have really cute new sconces..... still brass for now... but really cute!

These are original to the house (it was built in the 50's).  There was a little glass lamp that sat in the bottom cup with a metal shade at the top that fit around the lightbulb.... they were cute but only one was intact.... there's another light at the other end of the hallway that is being used just as you see this one.... I needed a fix.

It doesn't get any easier... or more perfect than this.  A simple clip shade. 

It fits upside down on the little cup and the clip still works around the lightbulb enough to hold it in place.  They really look cute now.....easy, inexpensive update,

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