Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Work in Progress.... Phase 3

I may have bitten off more than I can chew.  I only have a week for this part of the project..... the homeowner left me a to-do list which I know I can accomplish.... problem is... a lot more needs done that just what's on that list and I have every intention of "wowing" her when she gets home. 

I'll be burning the candle at both ends to get this one done.  Here's a peek at my crazy......

This stairway was at the top of the list.... it was covered in ugly carpeting..... Really, the biggest problem is the homeowner hates the staircase.... I really can't do much about that.  What I can do.... "cute-ify" it!  I've ripped off the carpet and it's primed.... hoping to paint and possibly add a little pop of "wow".... haven't decided yet!
Also high on the priority list... this tiny bathroom.  A total overhaul would be great but we're sticking to simple solutions so..... paint.  I'm priming the cabinet and paneling.  We'll paint it all the same color and try to lighten up the space. 
 Ahhhh.... that floor.  I've ripped out the carpet in the bathroom, the little hallway and directly across.... the stairs.  If you've been following the other phases of this project (1 and 2) I'll be laying the same Allure vinyl floor product. 
Talk about a tight squeeze.... this is an itty bitty bathroom.... with original pink toilet, sink and tub.  If we ever do a complete overhaul I think we should do black/white and keep the original pink fixtures.  It'd be great and the homeowner loves vintage.... I could make that work! 

Alas.... the kitchen.  This area is not on the list at all.... but this is what it looks like.  I've been given complete freedom on this project.  I am keeping things simple so the homeowner can add her own personal touches but man, oh man.... I can't live knowing I left this kitchen like that.  Yes, they've been living with the doors off.... ugh!  We are looking for simple fixes (Oh how I'd love to bust it all out and start over).... so, paint it is! 
Stay tuned.... I only have a week.... finished product coming soon!

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