Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A work in Progress..... Phase 1

I have been working for a friend helping her make some minimally invasive updates on her 50's ranch inherited from her parents..... it's been exhausting work but with every little bit of progress it's looking so much better.

The goal is to "cute-ify" it...... as she would say.  I would love to bust out the kitchen and bath and start all over but that's not in the budget.... or the time frame.... so a little face-lift is in order.

Before my crazy summer began (I've been traveling A LOT this summer) I started on the inside and completed the landscaping.  Now..... I have a week to get her "wish-list" done.  If only I could just stick to her list...... alas, I cannot!  I think I've bitten off more than I can chew..... Here's a view into the projects completed..... and this week's craziness! 

The house is full of paneling.....ugh!  We are planning to blend it in with paint and try to lighten things up!  I am priming it first.
More paneling.... these little closets are great for storage but ugly, ugly, ugly.  They are primed, waiting for paint.  I also plan to caulk them.... yikes.... that'd drive me crazy!  I'm also thinking a bench or work table needs to go between them. 

Still not caulked, but painted.... the homeowner already had two gallons of this paint so we put it to use.  Check out that floor.  If it was in better shape she'd keep it.

 Here's the floor she chose.... it's called Allure.  We purchased it at Home Depot while it was on sale.... got a great price and bought enough to do this room, another small "reading room" and a bedroom.  It's really easy to lay and I've spoken to people who've used it and they say it holds up well.... hoping they're right!

 Again..... that darn paneling.  It's primed and painted now.  That box in the bottom left is a copper planter.  The "hole" in the back wall drives me crazy.  It's nearly impossible to clean the glass and it's not very "usable".  For now we are leaving it alone and I'm going to paint it an accent color.... this is the eat-in area of the kitchen.
 This is the color I chose for the kitchen area.  I chose all colors from the same color card... just a variety of hues.  That's an easy way to know you're colors are going to flow nicely.

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