Wednesday, May 17, 2017

14 Unique Repurposed Kitchen Item Ideas

I'm always on the lookout for interesting ways to repurpose vintage items.  Kitchenware is an excellent resource with so many fun things that can be recycled and reinvented in a variety of cute ways.... for minimal costs I might add. 

Here's just a few of my favorite examples.

Every antique mall I've ever been in has a variety of beautifully decorated serving utensils.  This is such a great repurpose idea.  Drawer pulls would work great wouldn't they?

Find yourself some wonderful teacups and make a towel rack for the kitchen.  So many possibilities....
Teacup and Saucer Cuteness
Wowser, these are fabulous!

Rolling pins can be found at every shop you'll ever encounter.  I love this idea for a coat rack.  Adorable.
45+ Creative Kitchen Repurpose Ideas
I love this idea.  It'd look great as a type of "frame" to hang children's artwork too.  So cute!

I'm completely in love with this silverware light fixture.  So inspiring!

What a great repurpose!

More great silverware repurpose ideas.  So many beautiful patterns to choose from.  Don't think they're only good to eat with, so many great ways to use them in unique ways.

You'll find graters all over the place too.  Lots of great repurpose ideas but this has got to be the cutest one I've found.

Wonderful strainer ideas....

Love this idea too.... I've bought some spring pans for the purpose of decorating them up in some way for wall art (I ended up using them for concrete planters).  When walking through your local antique mall keep in mind creative, interesting ways you could use the pieces you're seeing.  So many creative uses for everyday items.
Not in English but a "picture is worth 1,000 words".  You'll get the idea, be inspired.

Great idea.  Rolling pins make a great middle support and circular pie pans work great too. 
45 Ways to Repurposeys to Repurpose Kitchen Stuff

Another great idea for a grater.
Repurposed Kitchen Tools

Great idea for silverware.... What other words would be fitting for a kitchen?

Have you done anything interesting and creative with kitchen items?  Would love to see your handiwork.


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