Thursday, May 11, 2017

My Mother's Day Gift Art Project

 My mother's day gift for my momma is still underway, nothing like waiting till the last minute.  This year I found a cute project on Pinterest that inspired me....  here's what I came up with.

First, I pulled a variety of pages out of a magazine.  I had an idea in my head so every page I grabbed worked together by color, leaning towards blues and greens (imagine that!). 

I grabbed some all-purpose glue and began cutting my pages into pieces filling in an 11x14 canvas in a "fan" type shape, leaving the center open (it'll get covered in the next phase of the project).

Phase 2..... Using I created a list of things I love about mom and printed it off using a variety of fonts.

I then cut them out and attached them onto my canvas, with a heart paper doily in the center.

I decided I didn't like the heart being so stark so I tried my hand at shaving cream marbling.  If you've not tried it, you should.  Such a fun little side project.  I gathered my supplies; shaving cream, food coloring, something to spread out the shaving cream on and with and a scraper of some sort. 

Here's my shaving cream.  I used a box lid and spread it out with the wooden paint stick you see above.  I added food coloring drop by drop haphazardly and spread it out again.

 This is what you'll have.  You can make all kinds of cool patterns if you have the patience for it.  My design didn't require it so I didn't bother. 

My paper doily went face down into the shaving cream.  I used my fingers to press it into the mixture and yes, they were blue for a while.

I carefully pulled it out, remember its wet paper, and used a tin lid to scrape any excess off then laid it aside to dry.

Really love how it turned out. 

I ended up layering three doily's.... white, a blue one that tore on me when I was getting it out of the concoction and a good one on top.  I frayed the bottom two in an effort to add some depth and movement to the piece.

Buttons were applied to the middle of the heart. 

Nearly done....  I want to apply a few more buttons to accentuate the shape of the heart and add some decorative ribbon around the outer edge of the canvas.  I've chosen a couple but have yet to get it done. 

Are you making something this year for your momma?  Would love to see your handiwork.

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  1. This is so cute and amazing to see such gifts being given by you to your mom, the art project is awesome. I remember I too gave my mom a gift on mothers day and she was very happy at it.


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