Friday, November 25, 2016

11 Christmas Gift Ideas You Can Make Yourself

Earlier this week a customer purchased a variety of items and mentioned that she was going to be making all her Christmas gifts this year.  My mind immediately ran with it and began thinking of the many different ideas using items from the shop.  Here's just a sampling of the cute things I've found that could be turned into adorable, personalized Christmas gifts this season.

So many great ideas for things to do with windows.
The Idea Room
Repurposed Window Ideas

How about framing a doily.  So many to choose from and just as much variety in how you frame and display them.  For more variety and interesting ways to repurpose doilies check out 10 Fun Ways to Repurpose Grandmas Doilies

These adorable snowmen made from staircase balusters, how cute are they?

 Sleds could be decorated up for holiday décor in a variety of cute ways.

Now what about Mason Jars, so many things to do and lots of jars to choose from.

A blog Full of Mason Jar Crafts.... wow!

Shutters, add a wreath and a great bow and you've got an easy, quick transformation for holiday décor.... and a great gift.  Build a book shelf, add a shelf and hooks for a cute coat rack.  So many ideas!
15 shutter repurpose ideas

 Buttons, buttons and more buttons.  So many possibilities for wonderful gifts made with buttons.
Button Craft Ideas
 As soon as I saw these I couldn't help but think.... "light fixture".  Wouldn't that make a fabulous standing lamp or hanging light fixture?

Another item you see all the time at your local antique mall is glass insulators.  There are so many cute things you can do with them.  Makes for really cute, unique gift ideas.
30 creative ways to use glass insulators

I love these spools, use them for a pendant on a necklace or turn them into a garland or banner for your fireplace. 

Now you know you've always wanted to buy a box of rusty bed springs!  What an adorable wreath.  Do a quick Pinterest search and you'll find many more adorable rusty spring ideas.

I am so inspired to get creative and make a few of the gifts I'll be giving this year.  High hopes, now we'll just see how productive I'll be.

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