Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Adorable Little Journal Book with A Sewn Pocket Protector

My mother visited this week and we snuck away a couple times to visit other Antique Malls in the area.  We had way too much fun and I found all kinds of great stuff.

One of my favorite finds is this wonderful little journal with a hand sewn and embellished book holder.  I thought mom and I might have a fight over this one (right in the middle of an aisle at the Antique Mall) but she graciously conceded to let me buy it.  We will both be trying to figure out how the binding works and making a few of these. 

It is just adorable!

There are ten little signatures in the book with four pieces of plain paper and one smaller decorative layer.  I know nothing about the way this little book is bound but I am completed enamored with it.  It looks like a crochet stitch.  I am determined to figure this out and make my own version.  What a treasure!

Never would I have thought to use a rubber stamp for the cover.  This is the back and the front seems to be a plain piece of rubber stamp material that's been decorated with other materials.

Look at how beautiful that is!  Anybody know what type of stitch this is?  How to do it?  I really want to figure this binding out.  Just gorgeous.

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