Friday, November 27, 2015

How to Update Your 50's Kitchen On A Budget

I've been helping a friend update her 50's ranch.   Our goal, major impact without breaking the bank.  One of the first areas that needed tackled was the kitchen.  A complete overhaul would be wonderful but that was not our plan.  We opted for some paint and elbow grease.  What an amazing transformation to such a dingy old kitchen.

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Here it is before, except for the ladder this is exactly what I had to start with.  First job was to clean up.  All the handles got removed, remaining doors were taken off and everything got a thorough cleaning.  I put the handles in ammonia overnight to soak.  Wow!  That really worked great but ammonia is some nasty stuff, be careful with it!

 After a good cleaning the first thing I did was give everything a coat of primer.

 Then, I measured for trim, ran to the hardware store and bought what I needed to start trimming out the cabinets.  The handles were in an odd place.  If I were to trim them out along the edges the trim would have to be at the very edge and the handle would touch.  I really hated that look.  So, I opted to off-center the trim.  I started above the handles.  That looks a lot better. 

Another option:  fill in the holes and change the location of the handles (more time and more money).  We opted to leave them alone. 

 I cut all the trim pieces (if you are using standard sizes you can buy these "frames" already cut at most of the major hardware stores, saves you some time) and attached them to the door using a little glue and a nail gun.

 I then caulked the inside to give it a nice clean finish.  Then it got two coats of paint.

 Here they are back up in the kitchen.  Except for the backsplash (and a cute valance) I'm pretty much done.  The countertops are original 50's "starburst" laminate and they cleaned up beautifully.

 Backsplash done.  This is a really easy backsplash, cuts with scissors and goes on with a tube of adhesive and a caulk gun.  Quick, easy and a great look, also found at your local hardware store.

 I am really happy with the way this little kitchen turned out.  Its so bright and airy now.  For very little money and a lot of elbow grease, we have a fabulous, fresh new kitchen. 

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