Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How To Get More Bang For Your Buck With A Back-Splash

If you're looking for a relatively easy, inexpensive way to add some pizzazz to your space and give it an update, how about a back-splash.  

If you're considering updating your kitchen check out my Cheat Sheet Postcard Series, today's postcard, 10 Ways To Update Your Kitchen On A Budget.

Here's a few of my favorite projects.

Kitchen Before:
This is a Spec House we built a few years ago.  Here's the kitchen without any back-splash.

Kitchen After:  
Look at what a couple hundred dollars can do!  The perfect finishing touch.

Bathroom Before:
This is also from the spec house we built a few years ago.  I wanted to change things up a bit so I didn't use the typical large mirror or the granite splash that matches the countertop common to most builder grade homes.

Bathroom After:
I found framed mirrors instead and tiled a small back-splash to coordinate with the rest of the room.  

Kitchen Before:
This is our home built 9 years ago, still under construction but you get the idea of what we've done so far and what it looks like without a back-splash. 

 This is the area to the left of the stove.

Kitchen After:
With a backsplash, what a difference it makes!  (If you'd like to know more about the backsplash check out the post, DIY Stone Backsplash.)

Here's a look at my most recent project. Bathroom Before:
A typical Builder's Grade Bathroom from the 80's.  For a couple hundred dollars you could drastically change the look of your bathroom by adding tile-work.  Got a little more money to spend? Change out the light fixtures and faucets.  Working with a couple thousand dollar budget, replace the countertops.

Bathroom In the Works:
Not done yet but here's a look at how far we've come.  The hugo mirror is gone, we'll be adding framed mirrors on either side of the central cabinet I found at a discount building warehouse for $50.  I've gotten the tile up but it still needs grouted, painted the original cabinetry and new light fixtures will be going in soon.   Can't wait to get all the finishing touches done, WOW, what a difference!  

Kitchen Before:
This is a home I worked on a couple years ago, the entire house had paneling all over the place, it hadn't been touched since the 50's when it was built.  

Kitchen After:
Again, for about $200 I added a backsplash to finish it off.  What a great look.

It doesn't seem like much but I hope you can see what an impact simply adding a back-splash can make to your space.  

For more ideas on how to make some updates in your kitchen subscribe to my Cheat Sheet Postcard Series, click here for today's postcard:  10 Ways To Update Your Kitchen On A Budget

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