Tuesday, January 16, 2018

14 Of My Favorite Button Projects

Walk into any thrift shop or antique mall and you're bound to find more buttons than you can possibly count.  Take a peek at some of my favorite button projects from Pinterest.

Whose grandma doesn't have a tin or box full of buttons just waiting for a cool repurpose idea?

Not sure how this button bowl would hold up to actual usage but isn't it cute.  Makes me wonder, how about a light fixture shade?  That would cast some great shadows.
Wow, I really love this.
letter perfect designs on Etsy
So many great ways to monogram with buttons.

fashion ornaments
These are just too cute.  Think of the many possibilities to design a custom piece.  Cute, cute cute!

amanda davie wholesale on Etsy
Another great, easy usage.  Love the resin charms on the bottom.

Outstanding!  This site has quite a few really amazing mosaics with buttons.  Wow!

the princess and her cowboys
So cute!

sisters suitcase
Love these.  Making journals at the moment and these would be great additions.  I've also seen them add buttons to bobby pins as well.

just imagine
Now that's just cute, saw combinations with wine corks and bottle caps as well.  So creative.

bonkers about buttons
Just adorable.  Mom and I used to attend the quilt show in Padukah, KY and one time there was a chair, all decked out with buttons in one of the shop areas.  It was great!  What about a backsplash, tabletop, etc.  So many ideas, I need lots and lots of buttons.
sweet pennies from heaven

rock candy
Doubt I'll ever do this but it is kind of cute.  You could also do a more traditional planter.

custom-color-bridal-button-bouquet on Etsy
Fabulous, there's examples of boutonniere's as well.  So creative.

Do you see why I love buttons yet?  Take a gander through Pinterest with a search of button crafts (or art or diy or usage or simply buttons) and you'll see many more great ways to use them.  Go ahead, get your thrift on, you'll find so many adorable jars full of buttons to start your own stash and begin the creative process.  Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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