Saturday, September 2, 2017

12 Repurpose Ideas for Common Sewing Items

Go into any antique mall or thrift shop and you're bound to find a variety of sewing notions ready for repurposing.  Here's just a few quick projects to get you inspired and thinking outside the box.  

I don't have the heart to cut an old sewing machine in half but I really love this idea.  So cute!

What a great idea.  You'll find jars and jars full of spools here at #TheFrog.
Thimbles are one of my favorite finds.  So many jewelry options with them.  

Measuring tapes also have so many applications.  Cute as a bracelet, shorter lengths for charms or pendants.   
From thehappyhomester

Never would of thought to use flower frogs to store scissors.  How cute is that?  

Sewing baskets always have a variety of bobbins perfect for jewelry making.

I tend to gravitate towards jewelry applications.... obviously.  These are just adorable!

Such a cute idea for a teapot... pin cushion in the lid and storage for supplies and notions in the pot.  Love it!

People are so creative.  I never would of thought to use a butter dish for a sewing kit.  How cute is that?  Might have to make me one of these, you know, for all the sewing I do.

Another great pin cushion idea using a jar.  What a great idea.
Found on pinterest

Great travel sewing kit from an eyeglass case.  I've got quite a few of these.  Great repurpose idea.

One more creative pincushion idea.  So many beautiful teacups that'd make gorgeous pincushions.  Recently found more Pinterest posts using jello molds and the like.  Such cute ideas.

Have you done anything fun with sewing items?  Would love to see your creativity.  Inspire us!

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