Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Flip Through Of My First Paper Bag Journal

Last week I got to spend some time with my mom, playing with a variety of craft projects.  Boy did we have fun!  Here's one of the many journals I worked on.  This time I made a paper bag journal.  I am really finding this to be one of my favorites.  

The flap, which I've got covered already is a piece of card stock that I've cut slightly smaller than the size of my bag and using score tape, added it into the fold of the paper bag.  (Don't worry, if you can't follow my train of thought, I'll post the best youtube video series that explains the whole process at the end of the post). 

Next I'll be covering the front and back of the paper bag, including a small "pocket" made from the bottom of the bag.  

Here I've got five of the six pages together with their flaps and am picking out coordinating fabrics to finish the base layer of papers.

Once all your papers are in place and your bags and the flaps are all covered, its time to make the binding and your front cover.  I cut my cardstock leaving 3/8" between the pages so I have plenty of room for memorabilia to be added into my journal.

 Now I've got them glued together and have my score tape ready to put in the pages (after I get it attached to my book cover that is).

So here's my finished product, well, almost finished.  I am still debating on a closure.

This is the inside of the front cover and the front flap of page 1.  I've added a tri-fold piece of paper for some journaling space in a little tuck spot and left the gorgeous purple paper alone.  I just love the paper.

Open the flap and you've got a small pocket with a tag and a picture mat as well as a larger journaling/picture mat in the bag itself.  Lots of room to add goodies.

The front flap of page 2 and the back of page one with multiple photo mats and lots of journaling space.  Open it up and you've got more photo matting and opportunities to add memorabilia as you see fit.

More journaling space on the back of page 2 and a cute little pocket I made from paper stock on the flap of page 3 with a cute little inspiration tag and room to add whatever strikes your fancy.  Open it up to find more journaling cards (with cute little punched hearts) and photo mats.

I love the use of envelopes, that's the great poppy paper you see on the bag of page 3.  Page 4 begins with a pocket and journaling paper on the front flap.  If you flip over the envelope you'll find a journal spot with cute little punched corners.  

Here's a view of the full layout for page 4.  Multiple tuck points and plenty of photo mats or journaling opportunities.

Page 5 begins with an inspirational card on the flap with plenty more on the inside.

Page 6.  I added some journaling paper on the back of page 5 and left the flap of page 6 alone.  I just love the paper.  When open there's plenty of journaling space and tuck spots for goodies.

The back of page 6 and the back cover.  I used a piece of corrugated cardboard to stamp lines on the paper.  I am really happy with the way it turned out.  On the flap I've added an envelope with a tuck point containing a photo mat.  

Open the envelope and you'll find another journaling spot.

I really love how bright and playful these papers are.  I had so much fun putting this all together.  Such an easy, unique project and a great way to keep track of a special occasion or just day to day life in a fun, artistic way.

Here's the youtube series I mentioned earlier that has wonderful directions for how to make your very own paper bag journal and should answer any and all questions you might have.  This is part 1a (I believe its a 6 part series).  Well worth the watch.

Here's a couple more journals I hope to show you over the next couple weeks.  Except for closures they're done.  The one of the left is bound with ribbon and made from a cereal box.  The blue floral is made in the same fashion as the one above except the papers are sand and sea inspired.

I am also trying to finish up a couple small pendant journals for necklaces.  Can't wait to get them done.  So cute!

So many projects, so little time!

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