Sunday, July 20, 2014

Spring Growth

I absolutely love this time of year. It's so exciting to walk around the yard taking an inventory of how things are doing.... what made it, what didn't, what changes I'd like to make, etc.  I just love it.  Over the last couple weeks everything has filled in and begun to truly take shape.  I'm always amazed at how quickly that happens. 

This is one of my favorite irises and it just happened to be the first one to bloom this season. 

 This is out in the island under the birch tree.  The peonies are all ready to bust.  Can't wait for them to bloom.  I can't remember what the yellow stuff is but it blooms real early in the spring and it spreads like wild fire... I have two bunches of it in partial shade.  In the background (on the left side of the picture) I have some "little henry, sweet spires".  They haven't bloomed quite yet but when they do it's heavenly.... smells great!

 I love to plant a few bushes/trees for structure and then fill in with perennials.  I tend to avoid annuals, although grandma got me started with a few geraniums and I do love the pop of color they add.... (I think I'm switching to petunia waves though in the future... they spread better).  As you can see here.... the bottom left is a striated grass while the right is gooseneck loosestrife.... both of which spread like crazy and are rather invasive.  I need to do a little "pulling" this year but for now they're fine.  I usually wait for a rain in the spring and fall and go out and pull it up where I don't want it (which I've already done this spring).... that controls it good enough for me.  If you don't like things to spread, neither of these are a good option for you.

This is the view from the garage end of the yard towards the island and the road.  You can see the sidewalk to the front door in the middle of the picture.  I love birch trees, I've used them repeatedly in my landscaping.... they're my anchors. 
This little azalea I bought a couple years ago at the very beginning of the season for a few dollars.  I bought about 14 of them at the time.  They were one of the first things I planted.  They are slow, slow growers but they are coming along.... slowly. 

I'm standing on the front porch looking out towards the island and road. 

Nothing says spring like baby birds.  Too cute!  I hope you're as inspired by spring time as I am.  Happy Gardening!

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