Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mosaic Table

When my boys were little they had an excellent art class at school.  They brought home some really great projects.  I found a coffee table at a garage sale with good bones and it already had the "inlay" top ready for tile.  My oldest son drew out the pattern on the top and I added the mosaic.  I still love the results (we made this table nearly 13 years ago). I'll never be able to part with it. Right now its in desperate need of a paint job- that'd make a good winter project!
I love his design, kind of an abstract "owl" "elephant".... something!                                
It's easy to add a mosaic to any tabletop especially if it already has an "inlay" area with raised edges. If not, simply add some trimwork around the edges and you're ready to go.
I mixed mortar (I always have bags of it laying around) but it'd be easier to simply buy a small container of pre-mixed. I also don't spread it on the table as if I'm tiling a wall. I simply butter each piece individually. Otherwise, you loose your design.
I broke the tile and used "nippers" to form them a little more if needed.
Every time I see this table I smile. I see two eyes looking up at me.
I chose a neutral, light grout. Again, you can mix your own or buy premixed. I also sealed the grout to keep it from staining too badly. It does have a few spots but it has held up very well.
It was a great project and a fun way to involve the kids (the one willing participant anyhow). He calls it "his" table. In a sense, it really is!
Have you done any mosaic projects?  I love the look but have only done a couple other projects.  Feel free to share your projects.  I'd love to see your work.

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